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Protecting Outside Receptacles From Weather

Q: Do outside receptacles require a “bubble cover”?

A: It depends on the location of the receptacle. The NEC discusses damp and wet locations in section 406.9 (2011 edition).

Damp Locations: Covers are not required if the receptacle is located “in a location protected from the weather where located under roofed open porches, canopies, marquees, and the like, and will not be subject to beating rail or water run off”. However in all other damp locations the receptacle “shall have an enclosure that is weatherproof when the receptacle is covered” (not in use). 

  Wet Locations:  “Receptacles in wet locations shall have an enclosure that is weatherproof whether or not the attachment plug is inserted” (in use or not in use). Additional requirements for other than “one or two family dwellings” can be found in the section including the need for an “outlet box  hood”.

For each location the receptacles must be listed as “weather resistant”.